So, my current place of employment does not have a tuition reimbursement program. Nor do they reimburse you for the cost of taking the certification exam for hospice and palliative care.


Ticks me off deeply and thoroughly.

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Flea’s Future

Figuring out what I want to do with my career has engaged a lot of my brain power lately. I’m a diploma RN and there’s no way I’ll be able to advance into management without a BSN so that’s gotta go on my list of priorities. It’s just such a pain in the ass to get enrolled and get all the transcripts and all that nonsense.

I have joined HPNA and due to that I qualify for a discounted fee to take the certification exam. I would love to do that soon, but I’m afraid to fail. I’m not very good at equianalgesic conversions and it’ll be a good portion of the exam. So I’m doing practice questions and starting to study my opioid conversions. I’m super nervous, but the practice questions are going really well. I also need to get into the box and bags of stuff I had left from my previous job because I think there’s a study guide in there somewhere that I remember my old boss giving me.

Ah, so much stuff to do and so little actual motivation to do them.

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A $640M Dream

So what would I do with $640M?

Item One: Get a damn lawyer and an accountant I can trust.

Item Two: Buy my husband a Mustang.  Heh.  He’ll love that!

Item Three: Buy myself an Eternal Pass to DragonCon in Atlanta, GA

Item Four: Buy a bigger, newer house

Item Five: Pay off all of my and the hubster’s debt.  While I’m at it, let’s clear my entire family’s debt and get my sister out of the house that’s falling down around her ears.

Item Six:  Make an sizable donation to CHoT.

Item Seven: Charter a plane to fly us and the dogs to Oregon to see MomPat.

Hrm, I’d probably get to game a lot more.  Hell, we’d have to do a ton of travelling as well. There’s a whole world out there that I want to experience.


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New Job Possibility

I interviewed with the director and a peer RN at a hospice organization here in SmallTown, TX.  I am super excited!  Hospice requires a different mindset than hospital work, which is what I’ve done since graduation from nursing school.  I am beyond eager to get out of the “jam ’em in, get ’em out” environment to be found at hospitals and ready to embrace the patient and family support intense atmosphere of hospice.

I am sick to death of hospitals.  Just plain sick.  My stress level is through the roof.  I feel massive amounts of pressure to accept whatever shit is thrown at me during the shift by either my supervisor (if I’m Charging) or the Charge (if I’m not).  It’s a different level of pressure in hospice… In fact, it’s almost an entirely different animal from what I’ve been told.  Ohmigosh.  I hope she calls me tomorrow and offers me the job.  Please.  Please.

Then my only choice will be whether or not to stay on at the hospital PRN or not.  I dunno when I’d work though.  I’d be doing a 40 hour week already.  Worry about it when/if I have the full time offer in my hand.


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Christmas Eve Eve 2011

Merry Christmas, Internet!

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Too Fat for Fit

So I joined Weightwatchers a few months ago and it’s been hit and miss.  The miss is all my own fault since I find it nigh impossible to actually TRACK the way I’m supposed to.  The hit has been the fact that I’m much more concious about what I eat and the activity I either do or don’t do. I have lost a few pounds, but I must be better about eating stuff that’s good for me instead of the crap I enjoy.

So… Activity is my really, super weak spot.  I’m lazy and up-front about it.  So I joined a gym close by to my house.  Actually, I went to my doctor for a pain in my arm and he gave me a 21 day pass to his gym (The Dang Gym).  It’s more barebones than the one for Texas Health that I was going to.  But that’s in Burleson and it’s a 20 minute or so drive to get there.  I find it much easier to get up and go when I’m only driving 7 minutes instead of 20.  Besides, it’s not like I used the pool anyway.

Been walking a mile to warm up then hitting the machines to do some weight work.  I’ve done three days this week and it’ll be all I do til next week.  It’s nearly impossible to make time for the gym when you work 12+hours per shift.  So I’m on workout hiatus until maybe Sunday.  They’re open a few hours then.  I might even knock it up a few notches and jog some.


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